Earn 7 Continuing Ed Credits and Your Home Staging Expert® Designation in Mississippi

If you’re a Realtor® in Mississippi, would like to sign more listings and sell more houses for the best possible price, want to gain a marketable advantage over your competition, and earn 7 Elective Continuing Education Credits to boot, then our 1-Day Hands-On Home Staging Workshop is for you!

Join our Certified Home Staging Expert® Trainer, Krista Golightly, on August 26, 2020 in Hernando, Mississippi for a fun-filled day of instruction, insight, and experience!

You will learn how to sign more listings using your staging skills, how to get reluctant clients on-board with preparing their home for market, how to create visual square footage in your listings, how to show off the best features of a house, furniture arrangements that work in every home, what it takes to appeal to the most potential buyers, clever updates that sell, how to take better photos for the MLS, AND SO MUCH MORE…

Space is limited to just 12 students for individual benefit, so sign up now for one day of training resulting in a lifetime of successful sales and profits.  Our workshop is guaranteed to build your home staging confidence and expertise!  You will never look at your listings the same again.



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BEFORE AND AFTER: THIS is why you need to stage your home to SELL!

When Realtor® and Home Staging Expert®, Linda Sanfilippo of Foxfire Realty of The Villages, Florida signed this listing, she knew exactly what to do.  A small home filled with too much furniture, too many knick-knacks, and too many pictures, she also noted there were just too many different paint colors going on.

“The first thing I did was hire a painter.  There were four different paint colors in the great room alone!”  Freshening everything up with a soft beige foundation and painting the trim to match created a brighter space and added continuity throughout while helping to blend in the not-so-white ceilings.

Because the sofa was blocking the entry point into the room, Linda implemented a much more buyer-friendly layout.

Combined with some much-needed editing, the space now feels at least twice the size, so light and airy, and very inviting!

While Florida might invoke images of the ocean and deep blue waters…

…it’s also known as the Sunshine State!  And crisp, uncluttered, light-filled rooms are always very appealing to potential buyers, no matter where you live.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask Linda, who received three offers for this home and sold it for $20K over the list price after just 2 days on the market!  And that is exactly why you need to stage your home to sell.

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LIVE VIRTUAL Home Staging Expert® Certification Workshop – Colorado and Wyoming earn 14 CE Credits

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Staging Your Vacant Home to Sell!

If you’re perplexed about what to do with a vacant listing, you’re not alone.  Thousands go up on the market every year.  But to ensure your vacant stands out from all the others, it’s important to get the house properly prepped, repaired, and updated at the very least.  Even better, stage it to sell!

Keller Williams Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® in Houston, Texas, Annie Farmer along with her husband and business partner Kenney, have this vacant staging thing down pat!  This example by Annie shows the importance of staging a vacant listing to sell.


It’s not always easy to bring in furnishings and start from scratch!  Too many agents and stagers alike tend to confuse home staging with interior design and forget their objectives.



So what exactly is that objective when staging a vacant listing for market?

Not surprisingly, it should be exactly the same as staging an occupied home…to show off the features and attributes of the actual space, not all the furnishings, artwork, and accessories!

Just like in an occupied home, potential buyers really do want to admire the positive features of the house itself.  Enhancing that with strategically placed furnishings and accessories should always be the goal.

Ensuring a buyer can visualize themselves living there without overwhelming them by too much over-done, over-the-top décor is key.  Don’t forget the end-goal of staging a property for market…to show off the actual house, not all the stuff within!

Like what you see?  Contact Annie and Kenney Farmer with liveworkplay.com and let them show you how they can assist!



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Creating Visual Square Footage to Sell Your House!

Here’s a hint for sellers and Realtors®, alike:  Potential buyers are not looking for ‘cozy’!  Even when a buyer is looking to downsize, they’re still looking for space!  Creating visual square footage…that is, how much square footage you are actually able to see  vs. the actual square footage of the house…is a key factor in selling your home.

In this case, Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® Dawna ‘Dawn’ Hosier of www.BestFloridaCentralProperties.com proves what an impact creating more visual square footage has on a space.

While this family room boasted tall ceilings, a beautiful fireplace, and desirable built-ins, the visual square footage was blocked by clunky, though I’m sure comfortable, over-sized leather furnishings.

Through careful and thoughtful editing and rearranging, Dawn was able to double the visual square footage potential buyers would see, quite literally doubling the space!  

From this point of view, you can really see how the features of the room, particularly the fireplace and built-ins, get totally lost in the midst of all that other stuff!         

Boxing up as much as possible and allowing potential buyers to actually see the positive features a house has to offer makes all the difference between a listing that sits and a listing that sells!

And if you’re looking for an experienced Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® in the Central Florida area, please contact Dawna Hosier at 321-228-8338.  She definitely knows her stuff!

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As someone who trolls the MLS frequently, I am often surprised by the uninspiring descriptions some agents use to define the homes they’ve signed on to represent.  It’s perplexing to me, as I would think the description…along with many beautiful photos, of course…would be a HUGE opportunity to get potential buyers in the door!

Case in point, I recently spotted a listing in a city I was not familiar with that popped up in the surrounding area of my search criteria.  The agent boasted ‘just one block from the lake’ in the description.  Sounded pretty great at first, yet no mention of the name of the lake, or whether or not it was a fishing lake, a swimming lake, or even had public access.  And no pictures of said lake, either.

I tried to look for it on the map.  A fairly well-sized water mass did show up there, but still no name.  I looked up the town on Wikipedia scrounging for info.  Nothing.  I even searched the city’s website.  And absolutely no mention.  In fact, I spent at least 30-minutes trying to figure out ‘WHAT lake?’, until I finally just gave up.  It was a major turn-off.  And for the listing agent of that property, what a missed opportunity to expand their potential buyer pool beyond those who already live there!

Yes, if someone was REALLY interested, they would definitely call and find out.  But if the Realtor was REALLY motivated, that information would already be listed in the description.  That’s the kind of detail that might prompt a potential buyer into actually making that phone call!  That’s the kind of detail that prompts more showings and more sales!  That’s the kind of detail that could turn an MLS troll like me into a potential buyer!

So what makes one listing stand out from the next?  That’s up for you to decide, but don’t overlook a single attribute and leave no stone unturned!  Is the house blessed with mature fruit trees out back?  A large kitchen pantry?  Is it within walking distance of the local dog park?  Does the house have wood floors?  Well, what kind of wood floors?  Oak, walnut, pine?  Or are there original wood floors hiding beneath the carpeting?  Don’t forget to mention, because not everything is obvious from photos alone.

Just like staging a home for market, the devil is in the detail, or so they say.  And all those little and sometimes not so little details you might take for granted and/or don’t seem important enough for you to mention, could very well be on the dream home wish list for someone else!




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