The ‘Partially Staged’ Vacant Home

Glass Pedestal Dining ONE

*Home Staged by Lori Matzke. Photo Property of Lori Matzke and Center Stage Home.

When I started in the Home Staging Business, the most frustrating aspect for me was that for every three inquiries I would get, two of them were for vacant listings. At the time, I did not offer furniture rental since I had absolutely no furniture to rent! It was an expensive undertaking for me with little to no profit, as renting furnishings ate up most of the budget for my clients.

That’s when I came up with my ‘Partially Staged’ Vacant Home Services. I realized quite early on that a home did not need to be shown fully-furnished to make a positive impact. The key is to add enough main pieces to give potential buyers a form of reference to show how their furnishings might fit, along with thoughtfully placed accessories to warm up the rooms and keep the buyer’s eye moving through the space.

For sellers on a tight budget, I recommend putting your money into the actual space. Fresh paint, updated lighting and hardware, new flooring, etc. are vital in preparing your home to sell. In other words…you can’t hide a run-down home behind a rented sofa. If it’s going to be either one or the other and you can’t do both, you definitely want to spend the money on making the house as presentable as possible before even considering adding furnishings to show. But if you’re simply budget conscious and the house is in great condition, the ‘Partially Staged’ vacant home is definitely a great, low cost alternative and offers a lot of bang for your buck!

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