Exterior Updates Under $100 to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

free curb appeal

Does your house lack curb appeal?  These few easy updates will ensure your home grabs a lot of positive attention without breaking the bank!

1) Rent a pressure washer for the day.  Not only can you clean up your siding, but your deck, driveway, and sidewalk, too. 

2)  Rent a lawn edger for the day and give your sidewalks and driveway an even neater and well-maintained appearance.

3)  Invest in a quart of Rust-Oleum rust-proof paint and re-paint your mailbox, light post, and exterior lighting for a new look.

4)  Or replace your mailbox and exterior lighting altogether for something more up-to-date.

5)  Paint your boring front door a trendy new color or re-stain it a darker, bolder color and add a new brass or brushed chrome kick plate.

6)  Stain your concrete steps and walkway and buy a nice new door mat.

7)  Paint your shutters to freshen them up, or give them an entirely new color, or you might want to consider removing them for an entirely modern look.

8)  Update your old house numbers for new numbers that will really stand out and make a statement.

9)  Trim overgrown trees and shrubs, or remove them and replace for something with more color.

10)  Invest in a couple of window boxes and fill them with overflowing arrangements for an added pop of bright, lively color.

11)  Adding fresh mulch can make your landscape plantings look neater, brighter, and more professional.

12)  Fill large planters with lush florals and greenery to finish off the look and draw positive attention.

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