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It’s no secret that fall is just around the corner, and that means shorter days and longer hours spent in the dark. To ensure your house stands out at any hour, here are a few easy ways to light up your exterior and give your home a more inviting appeal.

1) Clean Up Existing Lighting – If your exterior lighting is already in place, make sure the glass is clean and the frame is polished! All that dust and dirt can really make the light seem much dimmer, so make sure everything is looking spiffy and your fixture will show off a stronger beam. So why not replace the bulbs while you’re at it?

2) Rejuvenate with Paint – It’s amazing what a coat of fresh paint can do, even for a lighting fixture! And with so many colors and finishes to choose from, you can easily turn something old into something new again. Try an oiled bronze finish or a textured paint, such as hammered gun metal. And if you have a lamp post too, you can refinish it to match!

3) Upgrade the Lamp Post – Create an entirely different look by replacing a lackluster standard lamp post for something much more grand! New England Arbors makes some great vinyl pillars that can be slipped right over an existing post or anchored on their own with a 4 X 4. An easy DIY project and a great way to class up your curb appeal! Available in several styles at Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and others. Shown below is the ‘Portsmouth’ model.

new england arbors portsmouthgama sonic baytown solar outdoor LED light

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