7 Staging Props for $20.00 or (Way) Less

The devil is in the detail, or so they say. And when it comes to preparing your home for market, those details really can have a big impact! Here is a short list of just a few of my favorite Staging Props that are inexpensive and can truly help turn a listing from ho-hum into YUM!

1) NEW FRONT DOOR MAT – Nothing says ‘welcome’ like new front door mat! It can absolutely make your entryway feel finished and well cared for. My favorite (still, after all these years!) is Trampa from Ikea. For $9.99, you can’t find better than this. It’s long lasting, works indoors or out, and as a neutral, it goes with everything!


2) NEW LAMPSHADES – Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but freshening up the lampshades can make a dated lamp look brand new. And if you invest in something a little more opaque rather than dark and heavy, it can literally brighten up the room! Check out Target for some really affordable options. Shown below, Rectangle Linen lampshade from Target, $19.99.

target lampshade

3) THROW PILLOWS – If your sofa is looking tired, or your bedroom needs a boost, a few fun new throw pillows can really add just the right pop of color to brighten the space up. On the other hand, if you’ve got some very dated seating, throw pillows in a neutral color can help tone down loud upholstery and make it look far more current. I’ve found the best deals at Walmart and The Home Store. Checkout the Fretwork Pillow from Walmart for just $9.97.

Walmart Fretwork Pillow

4) RUST-OLEUM PAINT – Yep! That’s right! When it comes to staging to sell, paint is your friend, and Rust-Oleum comes in so many applications and colors, you could literally update any paintable surface in your house for a quick makeover, interior or exterior. From lighting, to mailboxes, to trim work and doors, to cabinets, to furniture, and so much more. I am a huge fan of Rust-Oleum products as they cover very well, are easy to apply, and seem to hold up.


5) WICKER BASKETS & CONTAINERS – Baskets make awesome props when staging your home for market as they are neutral in design, and can keep clutter out of sight when you need to clean up quickly for showings. My favorite finds are from World Market and Pier 1 Imports, as shown below starting at $7.98.


6) FRESH FLOWERS – What could be more cheerful and inviting than a fresh market floral bouquet? Make flowers last longer by snipping off the stems at an angle before placing in vase, changing water daily, and refrigerating them overnight, just like they do at the market. Prices vary, but usually well under $20.00…or save even more and pick them from your own garden!

market bouquet

7) HARD FOILED CANDIES – I call hard foiled candies, ‘the edible prop’. It’s a small bowl full of temptation that can actually make potential buyers take a second look when placed strategically. I set them up in a nice, clear, open candy dish next to your listing information somewhere in the house where you’d like them to linger and take a longer, sweeping view! Who can resist the urge to reach in for a little something sweet as they’re mulling it over? Place the bowl in plain sight, somewhere you would like potential buyers to view a little longer…in a grand entryway, on the island in a beautiful kitchen, on the dining room table overlooking that gorgeous view. I personally use Werther’s Original Hard Candies…$6.99 or less per bag… and make sure to keep that bowl well-stocked!

werthers original

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