Turning a Formal Living Room into an Approachable Space to Live In that SELLS!

This formal living room from our latest workshop in Virginia Beach felt unapproachable and somewhat ignored. After speaking with the homeowner, we did indeed find out the room was only used for holidays. But the goal of staging your home to sell is to ensure every square foot of a home is both approachable and livable. So when it came to staging, our students had one goal in mind…to make this formal living room more inviting by giving it a sense of purpose.


Formal Living Room BEFORE

Formal Living Room BEFORE

VB Formal LR

Formal Living Room AFTER

By creating a more open layout and bringing in the piano which was taking up too much space in the family room, the formality of this space is brought back to a livable level. Removing the throw pillows makes the sofa feel less dated. Tying back the curtains made the space feel much more casual while bringing in additional natural light. And adding both a floor lamp and table lamp to the room, placed diagonally from each other, ensures the entire space will be well-lit for showings!

This formal living room now has a much more livable feel and will help to fuel potential buyer’s imaginations!

Great job, Virginia Beach Workshop Ladies! You did some amazing work!

*Photos the property of Lori Matzke and Center Stage Home, Inc. and may not be republished without permission.

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