Before and After: Michigan Realtor® Chere Wiseman Finds Success Offering Complimentary Staging

When Michigan Realtor® Chere Wiseman of Five Star Real Estate Leaders took on this listing, it had already been on the market for months as a For Sale By Owner, was over-priced, had unflattering photos, and the furnishings and decor were really not all that buyer-friendly.

“I knew right away for me to win this listing I would need to offer more than the average agent,” said Chere.  So she took a chance and offered to stage the home complimentary.  “This was my first time going all-in on a vacant listing!”

To stage the living room, Chere went to the local furniture rental store and chose a gray sofa set with green undertones to give it a bit of pop against the neutral background without overwhelming.  She created a more inviting layout that welcomed buyers in and played up the size of the room.  The decorative ladder and blankets were borrowed from her own home and helped add an element of height to draw more attention to the beautiful cathedral ceilings.

In the owner’s suite, Chere opted for a full-size bed instead of king-size, which had previously proven to take up too much space.  The smaller sized bed helped the room feel much larger and the softer shades used in the bedding made the bed feel less bulky by tying it in with the background.

Because of all the extra room she created, she was able to include a nightstand and lamp which made the layout feel more functional.  As a finishing touch, she used an over-sized basket under the window to expand the visual square footage of the space.

Her gamble to stage the listing as a complimentary service paid off when the house sold less than a week later for the exact price she told the homeowners it would sell for!  With her Home Staging Expert® Certification in hand and a major win under her belt, Chere plans to offer more staging as a value-added service for her clients in the future.  Sellers looking for an agent who goes above and beyond in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area should most definitely give Chere Wiseman a call!

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