Home Staging Expert® Upcoming Continuing Ed Workshops for Realtors®

In our latest 1-Day Home Staging Workshop in Mississippi, our students, lead by Home Staging Expert® Certified Trainer Krista Golightly, received hands-on instruction and staged this listing to sell!  As you can see, the before and after photos tell the story.

Showing off the hardwood floors, expanding the visual square footage of the space, and drawing the buyer’s eye beyond are just a few of the many skills you will learn.  Interested in taking a course with Krista and earning 7 CE Credits in Mississippi?  CLICK HERE

As a Realtor®, you already know that wearing many hats seems to be part of the job, these days.  When it comes to home staging, you’re probably trying to do the best you can already.  Let us take you to that next level and make it easier for you.

Our course will teach you a better way to ensure you understand the thought process behind the end results and help you achieve those end results much sooner and without confusion.  We’ll build your confidence so you know the advice you’re giving your client is effective, precise, and will help your listings appeal to the most potential buyers in record time!

Home Staging Expert® offers CE Courses for agents in select areas.  While you don’t have to be a licensed Realtor® to take the course, if you are, enjoy the added benefit of CE Credit.

For upcoming 2-Day Workshops (14 CE Credits) taught by Home Staging Expert® Certified Trainer Joanna Gyrath in Colorado, CLICK HERE

For upcoming 1-Day Workshops (7 CE Credits) taught by Home Staging Expert® Certified Trainer Rachel  in Georgia, CLICK HERE


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