BEFORE AND AFTER: THIS is why you need to stage your home to SELL!

When Realtor® and Home Staging Expert®, Linda Sanfilippo of Foxfire Realty of The Villages, Florida signed this listing, she knew exactly what to do.  A small home filled with too much furniture, too many knick-knacks, and too many pictures, she also noted there were just too many different paint colors going on.

“The first thing I did was hire a painter.  There were four different paint colors in the great room alone!”  Freshening everything up with a soft beige foundation and painting the trim to match created a brighter space and added continuity throughout while helping to blend in the not-so-white ceilings.

Because the sofa was blocking the entry point into the room, Linda implemented a much more buyer-friendly layout.

Combined with some much-needed editing, the space now feels at least twice the size, so light and airy, and very inviting!

While Florida might invoke images of the ocean and deep blue waters…

…it’s also known as the Sunshine State!  And crisp, uncluttered, light-filled rooms are always very appealing to potential buyers, no matter where you live.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask Linda, who received three offers for this home and sold it for $20K over the list price after just 2 days on the market!  And that is exactly why you need to stage your home to sell.

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