Staging Your Vacant Home to Sell!

If you’re perplexed about what to do with a vacant listing, you’re not alone.  Thousands go up on the market every year.  But to ensure your vacant stands out from all the others, it’s important to get the house properly prepped, repaired, and updated at the very least.  Even better, stage it to sell!

Keller Williams Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® in Houston, Texas, Annie Farmer along with her husband and business partner Kenney, have this vacant staging thing down pat!  This example by Annie shows the importance of staging a vacant listing to sell.


It’s not always easy to bring in furnishings and start from scratch!  Too many agents and stagers alike tend to confuse home staging with interior design and forget their objectives.



So what exactly is that objective when staging a vacant listing for market?

Not surprisingly, it should be exactly the same as staging an occupied home…to show off the features and attributes of the actual space, not all the furnishings, artwork, and accessories!

Just like in an occupied home, potential buyers really do want to admire the positive features of the house itself.  Enhancing that with strategically placed furnishings and accessories should always be the goal.

Ensuring a buyer can visualize themselves living there without overwhelming them by too much over-done, over-the-top décor is key.  Don’t forget the end-goal of staging a property for market…to show off the actual house, not all the stuff within!

Like what you see?  Contact Annie and Kenney Farmer with and let them show you how they can assist!



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