Creating Visual Square Footage to Sell Your House!

Here’s a hint for sellers and Realtors®, alike:  Potential buyers are not looking for ‘cozy’!  Even when a buyer is looking to downsize, they’re still looking for space!  Creating visual square footage…that is, how much square footage you are actually able to see  vs. the actual square footage of the house…is a key factor in selling your home.

In this case, Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® Dawna ‘Dawn’ Hosier of proves what an impact creating more visual square footage has on a space.

While this family room boasted tall ceilings, a beautiful fireplace, and desirable built-ins, the visual square footage was blocked by clunky, though I’m sure comfortable, over-sized leather furnishings.

Through careful and thoughtful editing and rearranging, Dawn was able to double the visual square footage potential buyers would see, quite literally doubling the space!  

From this point of view, you can really see how the features of the room, particularly the fireplace and built-ins, get totally lost in the midst of all that other stuff!         

Boxing up as much as possible and allowing potential buyers to actually see the positive features a house has to offer makes all the difference between a listing that sits and a listing that sells!

And if you’re looking for an experienced Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® in the Central Florida area, please contact Dawna Hosier at 321-228-8338.  She definitely knows her stuff!

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