Home Staging Expert® 2020 Tip: Visualize Your House with New Flooring

Hardwood floors and their laminate counterparts…and even their porcelain counterparts…are a hot selling point!  Surveys have shown that hardwood flooring is a must-have for many and that replacing carpeting for hardwood adds value to a listing.  Especially if you can run the same flooring throughout!

If you have to replace that dated carpeting anyway or just want to appeal to more potential buyers, consider hardwood.  It can be a little more expensive than carpeting, but will likely be a better option in the long-run.

To see how it will look, Lumber Liquidators, one of my favorite discount flooring stores, offers Picture It!, a floor visualizer that gives you a sneak peak to show you how it will look and could not be easier to use!  Just drop in a picture of your room and select your desired flooring for immediate results.  And it doesn’t hurt that they are currently running a New Year’s Sale on their most popular flooring.  (YAY!)

As for  buyers who think they’ve found that perfect house if only it had hardwood floors, this is an awesome little tool that would work for you, as well!  Just save the listing photo to your computer, drop it into the floor visualizer, and it very well might prompt you into making that offer!

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