Home Staging Expert® Certification & Training “What is a Hands-On Home Staging Workshop?”

If you’ve ever looked into home staging training, you’ve probably found a number of delivery methods.  Some offer on-line training, whether DIY or via teleconference, others offer classroom settings, and then there are the Hands-On Home Staging classes offered by Home Staging Expert®!

A Hands-On training class takes place on-site, right at a listing preparing for market or one that has been sitting on the market and is in need of assistance.  While we offer both 1-Day & 2-Day Hands-On training, both assure you will receive hands-on instruction and get to experience and participate in the professional staging of a property for yourself!

Our HSE® Hands-On Workshops are popular for this very reason.  And because of the location and personal interaction, to ensure you receive the best possible instruction, we limit our classes to 12 students or less.  Students receive their training manuals via PDF 10-14 days prior to class time, so they have the opportunity to review what we will be covering, and since they always have access to our training manual, it also makes for a great refresher to review in the future.

During the 1-Day Workshop, we cover business and marketing in the morning right at the property.  (We don’t like to waste a lot of time driving between a meeting location and the listing we stage.)  Around noon, students receive a boxed lunch and get to take a little break.  After lunch, we divide up into smaller groups, assign each group a space, then tackle staging the property for market!

Our instructors walk our students through all of the guidelines, then allows each group to think through the staging process and implement the changes to the space they’ve been assigned so everyone has a chance to experience some hands-on staging.  Our Certified HSE® Trainers float between the groups to assist and provide further instruction, as needed.  At the end of the day, what we end up with is a truly unique and real-life experience to help build each student’s confidence and better understand the process.

You will learn how to present your staging skills to sign more clients!  How to get your clients on board with staging!  How to offer a professional consultation!  How to see a listing from a buyer’s perspective!  How to recognize and highlight the features of the space!  How to accessorize with a purpose!  How to bring in more light!  What to do with the excess!  How to take better property photos!  AND SO MUCH MORE!

In our 2-Day Workshop, our students get to experience the same process as our 1-Day Workshop provides, but will actually meet in a conference room to cover the more intricate details of staging as a business, including how to set themselves up to offer staging for vacant homes, promoting home staging as a value-added service, staging and social media, and marketing your services to stand out from the rest!

Both of these workshops are unique to the staging industry, and we’ve been successfully training Realtors® and professional stagers for two decades now!  Our Hands-On Home Staging Workshops are fun, informative, and an experience you will not forget!

Once you complete the workshop and submit your final project, you will receive your HSE® Certificate, access to our Member’s Area so you will be able to download the HSE® logo for your marketing and website, home assessment sheet and templates, as well as instructions to list on our website as a Certified Home Staging Expert®!  As with any of our courses, once complete, there are never any annual renewal fees to maintain.

Whether you are a Real Estate Professional looking to add staging as a value-added service, or if you plan to open a home staging company, please check out our calendar to sign up for a 1-Day or 2-Day Hands-On Home Staging Workshop in your area.  We guarantee, it will be the most valuable training course you take this year!

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