Vacant Homes are a BUMMER!

They make a house feel small!

Attention will ALWAYS focus on the negative!

And potential buyers start to wonder what’s wrong with the house and why it’s been abandoned!

Whether you are a Home Staging Professional or a Real Estate Agent, if you want to compete, providing homeowners with a cost-effective and easy-to-implement option is the solution. With a market currently overflowing with sad, empty houses, the fact that you are able to offer this value-added service is definitely going to place you ahead of the pack! Not to mention, potential buyers need a frame of reference, and let’s face it…all vacant homes kind of start to look alike.

When I started staging homes in 1999…long before all the Home Staging hype began…I couldn’t give my services away! As a result, I seriously considered breaking into the business myself. Yes, it’s true! For a brief moment in time…a very breif moment… I almost got in to real estate. And THIS was going to be my secret weapon!

As the years passed, I was sure both Staging Pros and Realtors alike would figure it out and I would just be one of the many. But so far…no one else is doing it. So why not become an expert at the ‘Partial Vacant Staging?’ It’s actually quite easy to implement if you know what you’re doing and how to do it. And for the record, I have NEVER lost money on this, NEVER had to pay for storage, and NEVER had an unhappy homeowner! i don’t even require a helper to set up, tear down, or unload.

If you knew you could walk into a presentation with this secret weapon up your sleeve…why wouldn’t you use it?

For the Staging Pro – Agents aren’t always that willing to nudge their client into a big-ticket investment, which is often the case when renting full furnishings. While I totally believe that furnishing a vacant home gives that house an edge, I am also aware as a Home Staging Expert myself, not every homeowner can afford this luxury, nor are they always convinced of the payback.

For the Realtor – Can you imagine what a mark you would make if you could actually provide this service to your clients FOR FREE? You would quite literally find yourself leaping ahead of all the other agents vying for that same listing…for the simple fact that you can provide this highly desireable, vacant-house-transforming service!

This is an easy, easy way to add furnishings without the major overhead. And we have just added this course to our Home Staging Expert curriculum. Quite literally…for the cost of a one-hour home staging consultation, you will pay for this class! Our first workshop kicks off on August 10, 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For other cities along our route, please contact me directly at for details.

Vacant homes are a BUMMER! But fear not…we have the solution, and you can, too!

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