How Staging a Vacant Home can Improve Your Chances of Selling Faster and for More Money

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…vacant rooms look smaller. Potential buyers have a difficult time envisioning how their own furnishings might fit the space. And worse yet, they often wonder why the house is sitting vacant and make assumptions that can easily lead to low-ball offers, if they ever make an offer at all.

Here, Charlene Francis who earned her certification with Home Staging Expert® and serves the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region, proves how adding furnishings and accessories to a vacant property and staging it to sell can make all the difference.  Just check out the before!  Not very user friendly or cheerful.

But warming up a cold vacant listing and showing potential buyers exactly how their own furnishings might fit in the space can be a real visual frame of reference for them.  Not to mention, how much more inviting does this house look now vs. the big vacant box it once was?

Staging a vacant property for market is always the best way to achieve the desired end goal for both the seller and potential buyer.  When buyer’s can actually picture themselves living in a house, they are far more apt to make an offer.  And creating an appealing atmosphere to show them just how wonderful it could truly be is going to give any vacant listing a marketable edge over their competition.

If you are looking to have your home staged in the Colorado Springs or the Pikes Peak Region, please get in touch with HSE® Certified stager Charlene Francis at to see how she can assist you today!


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