Updated Kitchens Sell – Take Advantage of Deep Discounts on Major Home Appliances in November

It’s no secret that an updated kitchen is very appealing to potential buyers!  Painting dated cabinets, adding new cabinetry hardware, countertops, and lighting are all great ways to make a kitchen that’s seen better days look much more current.  New appliances are also an important element in a kitchen transformation and anything you invest, you will typically earn back on a quicker sale and/or better price!  Appliances can be expensive however, so knowing when to buy can really save you money.

Since most appliance manufacturers tend to roll out their new models in the fall, September and October are always a great time to get in on the savings.  But if you’re really in the market for a deal, and as the truly thrifty among us already know, the prices are slashed even further to make room for holiday inventory in November!  And while waiting to purchase until the end of the week could garner you a few more savings, if you have the patience, wait until month end when appliance stores are trying to make their monthly quota and are more apt to offer their best deals.

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