Realtor and Home Staging Expert Mark Dollard Shows Us How To Stage and Sell Chicago!

When Mark Dollard of Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty in Chicago, Illinois walks into a listing, he looks at it from the buyer’s point of view.  Using his home staging skills, Mark assists his clients, and often his colleagues, create that picture-perfect image buyers want to see.

While this listing Mark staged for market had many desirable attributes, the furnishings were just too large for the space and the similar tones blended into the beautiful hardwood floors and background leaving the room feeling over-stuffed and heavy.

But replacing the old for newer furnishings that were more scale appropriate to the space and choosing brighter colors that contrasted with the flooring and walls completely opened up the room!  The gorgeous wood floors really stand out and the new layout created a lot more visual square-footage and shows just how spacious this listing really is.

Mark also proves the benefits of using sleeker, less bulky furnishings when staging the bedroom.  With the goal of showing buyers plenty of room and to show off the balcony as the very desirable feature it is, heavy drapes were removed and the headboard replaced for something more to scale.

The end result is a bright, beautiful, buyer-friendly space, and WOW!  What a difference it makes!  Light, airy, spacious rooms are always more appealing to potential buyers, and Mark certainly shows he’s able to deliver exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and interested in selling your home for top dollar, Realtor® and Home Staging Expert® Mark Dollard has the vision and skills to take your home to that next level and ensure your success!




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