Why Staging Your Home for Market DOES Matter!

I just spoke with a homeowner yesterday who contacted me to schedule a consultation. Her home has been sitting on the market since January without even a nibble, and they have already dropped the price $30K. She said she didn’t call me in sooner because her husband told her, “Staging doesn’t matter.”


After a little research, her significant other had concluded that pricing, location, and features were all a potential buyer was really concerned about. And while I do agree that all of those definitely do play a factor, what about the first impression a house makes on that potential buyer? Or how the home feels? Is that first step in the front door inviting, or is it one big, ugly turn off? And when there is so much to look at in a home that has not been staged to sell, can that buyer even see the updates and positive features beyond that menagerie of chaos and clutter?

There is a Realtor I have worked for the past decade. I get a lot of business from him and we get along famously. Unfortunately, in all this time, only once has he called me in to stage a listing for him prior to it going on the market. Otherwise, I am always what might otherwise be considered, a ‘last resort’…you know, the person he calls in to work a miracle just before he’s about to lose the listing. And do you want to know something? Every single listing I have ever staged for him has sold in 30-days or less. Many of them within days or weeks. But in his mind, “Staging doesn’t matter.” Unless, of course, he is about to lose the listing.

Go figure.

If anyone out there can look at these Before and After photos and honestly tell me, “Staging doesn’t matter,” I’m gonna hang it all up tomorrow.  I’m definitely in the wrong business.  FYI – The house below sold for full price AFTER staging but BEFORE it officially went on the market!


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