3 Cleaning Products that will Help You Save Money Before You Sell Your House

When I started professionally staging homes, I cleaned houses on the side while my business got off the ground.  It was during that time that I discovered these amazing products and I can personally vouch, they have saved my clients $THOUSANDS$ over the years!  (And no…I don’t get paid to plug them, but maybe I should!  Ha.)  So before you replace or pay for costly repairs or updates, you should definitely try these much less expensive alternatives instead.

CLR – Not the weaker version that comes in a spray bottle, but the little jug of full-concentrate!  It is absolutely amazing at removing calcium build-up, lime, and rust corrosion on faucets, tiles, shower doors, sinks, and even the toilet!  Just follow the directions, and you will be stunned at the transformation.


Santeen Toilet Bowl Cleaner – This stuff is seriously powerful!  Even on their website they warn, “Seriously, always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with Santeen products!”  But WOWZA!  Is it ever worth it!  This is not the product for weekly cleanings, but this IS the product for seriously tough stains that will not go away.  I’ve rescued several toilets and even a bathtub using Santeen for a client who had planned to replace.  This is truly a miracle-in-a-bottle!

Orange Glo – If you have real wood cabinets or woodwork…fyi – this is not for painted wood…nothing perks them up like a good dose of Orange Glo!  Spray it on and let it sit a while…I typically wait about 30 minutes…then wipe off the excess with a paper towel.  The name Orange Glo wasn’t just a fluke…this product will truly make your cabinets and woodwork glow and bring the grain and finish back to life!





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