Living in Your Home vs. Staging it to Sell

Still confused, or perhaps even a little skeptical, about the power of staging your home to sell?  Home Staging Expert® Marla Alt, owner of 123Organize in Westchester County, New York, shows us here that the way you live in your home vs. the way you show your home to sell are two different things!

Marla and her team run a full service home organization company specializing in moving, staging, and organizing spaces.  They have worked with clients throughout Westchester County, Lower Fairfield County, Bergen County, and the New York City area.  They’ve assisted their clients in selling their home and moving as far as California to the West, and Israel to the East, and they obviously know their stuff!

While the original listing looks comfortable and cozy, buyers are really looking for space and want to see the details of the actual structure which will help them picture themselves living there.  But all too often, buyers get hung up on all the owner’s stuff, which typically means they overlook what the home truly has to offer.

Marla Alt BEFORE (2)

By thoughtfully editing and rearranging what the homeowners already had, Marla was able to create visual square footage and help place positive attention back on the actual features while downplaying the décor, which felt overwhelming.  The end result is a room that feels spacious, calm, and beautifully appointed!

Marla Alt After

The visual impact staging had on this room is indisputable.  And when it comes to selling a house, that visual impact is exactly what draws the buyers in and prompts them to make an offer!

Marla took our online course to earn her Home Staging Expert® certification.  If you are interested in adding Home Staging to an existing organizing, interior design, or real estate business, or would like to start a Home Staging business from scratch, we are currently offering our course for half-price.

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