“Ask the Home Staging Expert®” – Should we spend the money on a bathroom and laundry room remodel?

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Hi, Lori –

We live in a smaller community an hour away from a large metropolitan area where my husband and I both work.  We are planning to put our house on the market later this summer to find something closer to our jobs.  Houses are selling out here like hot cakes for full price!   Most of them are newer homes, but a house flipping company has been remodeling many of the older properties in our neighborhood and turning them over very quickly.  They’ve all got new kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring, and are absolutely stunning!  We’ve got an older property too and have already done many updates, but the one thing that has always bothered me is the main floor bathroom and a laundry room that is way too small.  I can barely even get in there to do the laundry without standing sideways!  My husband and I agree that the rooms would work much better if they were switched, as both of these rooms are oddly out of place as they are positioned right now.  We will need to put new flooring into both of these rooms anyway, but switching the rooms around would cost an additional $6000.00 to move the plumbing, add venting, a new tub, additional tiling, cabinets, etc.  I think we should do it as I see the current layout as a deterrent for buyers.  My husband doesn’t think it’s necessary and doesn’t want to spend the money.  What do you think?

Metro Bound in North Carolina

Dear Metro Bound –

You already know who your competition is, so $6000.00 seems like a steal for a new bathroom, functioning laundry room, and a layout that works!  If the rest of your home is ready to roll, I would consider that a small investment to make and take the plunge.  Your other option would be to price your house lower, but the risk of this strategy is that it seems buyers in your area are more apt to buy something ‘move-in-ready’ as opposed to ‘fixer-upper’ based on what you’re telling me.  I think you would be money ahead to make the changes and ensure you’re not going to lose out on a fair price for your home and less time spent on the market.  If your husband still has his doubts, start interviewing Realtors® now for a professional opinion.  Finding an agent who specializes in your neighborhood is key.  They know what the market there is like and they know what buyers are looking for.

Hope this helps and thank you so much for the question.  Wishing you much success on the sale of your home!

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