Getting Ready to Sell? How to Make Your House Feel 20 Years Younger!

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When it comes to selling, older and more dated homes tend to linger on the market longer because buyers have a hard time seeing the potential.  You have two options…either price accordingly, or give your house a face-lift to compete!  A few easy updates can have a major impact and will literally take years off the appearance of your space while appealing to more potential buyers!

1)  Box up the Collections and Clutter – Nothing screams ‘granny’ like a lot of knick-knacks scattered throughout the house!  Likewise, accumulated piles of ‘stuff’ are distracting and make the walls seem to close in.  Box them up and store them away for your next place.  Or better yet, get rid of as much as possible now so you don’t have to deal with it when you move.

2)  Remove the Wallpaper and Borders –  Wallpaper and wallpaper borders are frequently very design specific.  And while wallpaper is making a comeback in small doses, it’s typically frowned upon by potential buyers.  Removing it will create a more modern look.  Especially if the wallpaper or border is more than just a few years old.

3)  Choose Modern, Neutral Paint Colors – And to really make it feel fresh and much larger, be consistent and use the same paint color throughout.  This will make your entire house feel seamless!

4)  Replace Carpeting with Wood or even Faux-Wood Floors – Wood floors are very popular right now and more appealing than carpeting for most.  At the very least, replacing dated, worn carpeting with wood on the main floor alone can make a lasting impression.

5)  Scrape Off the Popcorn Ceilings – Say goodbye to the 1980’s by giving your ceilings a clean, modern look.  It’s work, yes…but totally worth it!  Fill a spray bottle with water, mist the ceiling in sections, allow 15 minutes soaking time, then use a putty knife to scrape it all off.  Or, you can always hire a pro to do the work.  Totally worth the money!

6)  Get Rid of the Heavy Drapes – Not only do heavy drapes tend to drag down a room, but they also block a lot of light!  Replacing drapes with sheers will make your space feel brighter and a whole lot larger.

7)  Update the Lighting Fixtures – This is an easy one to implement as affordable lighting fixtures are plentiful and can make a tremendous impact on the overall feel of the house!  Head to a big-box store, and you will find many styles and finishes that are budget friendly.

8)  Enamel Dated Cabinetry and Trim – If your cabinets and trim are out-of-date, a fresh coat of paint or two can make them come to life and will give a more contemporary twist to what might be considered a total remodeling job by potential buyers.

9)  Hide Dated Upholstery with Slip-Covers – While staging is not about hiding imperfections, since furnishings are not normally sold with the house, there is absolutely nothing wrong with masking old upholstery under a new slip-cover!  Go for something with an elastic band and you will find a much better fit than slip-covers of the past.

10) Invest in New Bedding – A bright new bedspread or comforter can literally give your bedroom an immediate face lift!  And with the ‘bed-in-a-bag’ options they have right now, you are sure to find something affordable to help you create a whole new look.

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