In 1999, when I got into the Home Staging Industry, no one even knew what home staging was. There were no T.V. shows, no books, no articles, and no websites to boast the benefits of staging your home. As a newbie stager in a newbie staging industry, I opted to market my services to high-end homes only, assuming that only people with so much to gain would be interested. But it didn’t take long for experience to prove me wrong.

What I realized fairly early on is that it wasn’t just a certain clientele that would benefit from home staging… every home owner and realtor would reap the rewards, no matter the price point! Buying a home is probably the biggest investment anyone will ever make. Likewise, selling that home is often the biggest opportunity a home owner will ever be handed to turn a profit! Where else can the average home owner earn a big , fat bonus of $5K, $20K, or even more in one lump sum? There too, since the economy has turned and the housing market has been in a flux, making your house as appealing as possible to stand out in a market now flooded with options is also to the home owner’s advantage.

But still, I have to admit, I do find it a bit startling that I still see so many homes sitting on the market looking quite tragic. When I hear a home owner and/or real estate agent remark… “I don’t believe in home staging!” I wonder if these same people would ever declare, “I don’t believe in preparing for a job interview!” Because really, it’s the same thing. The entire goal is to make your home as appealing as possible for potential buyers so they can see for themselves, this is the right house for them. Anything you can do to meet or beat their expectations will only work to your advantage.

Unfortunately, even in this day and age, when 80% or more of potential buyers start their search for a new home on the internet, there are many, many owners and agents out there leaving their listing to chance. Yes, it’s true. You might get lucky and the perfect buyer who can see past all that dated wallpaper and clutter might come along and snap it up. (Though they are far and few between.) And yes, it’s equally true, if you slash your price, you might get a few offers. (If you don’t mind giving your house away.) But wouldn’t it be smarter to make your home as appealing as possible? Wouldn’t your chances of selling faster for more $$ increase if your house looked the part? Wouldn’t you prefer to at least have some control over your destiny? Common sense says it would.

I am frequently asked, “Is staging a worthwhile investment?” And the answer is a resounding, “YES one hundred times over!” How often do you get the kind of financial opportunity in life that selling a home might offer? And if you MUST sell your home, why would you leave it to chance? In my world, staging is not only a worthwhile investment, but an absolute necessity! By giving the buyer what they want…a home they can be proud of…you will get exactly what you desire, in return.

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