Home Staging Expert®

established in 1999

Preferred Service Experts


1) The opportunity to build solid relationships with Home Staging Experts®, real estate professionals, and homeowners in your
    area, thus creating the foundation personal connections leading to more business!

This is not just about plopping your name and number on a website and hoping for the best. This is about developing relationships. We actually encourage our members to utilize our Preferred Service Experts™ and promote you from within, allowing you the unique experience of networking on a more personal level. In other words, you're not just a number, you're part of the team! Not a bad position to be in considering we train more than 250 new Home Staging Experts® nationwide every year and are in constant contact with literally thousands of homeowners and real estate professionals every month!

2) Our Preferred Service Experts™ are selected by invitation only and we don't over-saturate our pool of providers!

We only want the best, which is why we send out personal invitations only to those providers we feel have met our highest standards of professionalism and service! (If you received an invitation and would like to sign up, please click here. If you have not received an invitation but would like to be considered, please click here.) To ensure each Preferred Service Expert™ is given ample exposure for the best opportunities, we limit the amount of providers in each category per metropolitan area to avoid over-saturating each market. This gives both our HSE™'s and potential clients just the right amount of providers to choose from while creating a larger pool of attainable prospects for you!

3) There are no 'per job' referral fees and there are no forms to fill out for anyone who wants to access your contact information!

Our ultimate goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved! Rather than nickel-and-diming our Preferred Service Experts™ by tracking every job or client referred from our website, we've implemented a very affordable annual fee. (To access our fee structure and opportunities, please click here.) As a result, no matter how many recommendations you receive, you won't have to factor in yet another expense at the end of every transaction! Because we've made access to your information readily available without forcing potential clients to fill out a form to get in touch, the chances of receiving even more referrals is automatically increased.

4) Full use of the Preferred Service Expert™ logo, as well as monthly insider newsletters with information you can use for your
    own marketing materials!

Enjoy instant credibility with the company that helped define the Home Staging industry! By becoming a Preferred Service Expert™, you will be introduced to an entirely different market than you are likely able to directly target yourself right now. And with the very distinct likelihood that the majority of homeowners preparing to sell will also be moving into a new home at some point, you can easily see how making a connection on this end could very easily turn into even more business for you on that end in the near future! Add to that a monthly newsletter full of useful industry info, and you will be able to distinguish yourself as a well-informed insider within your own customer base!

5) Raise your website ranking on the search engines!

According to Google, inbound links are one of the most integral parts of successful search engine optimization and are the number one factor Google uses to calculates the "Page Rank" of a website, which has a huge impact on your position in search engine results! While a simple link exchange is also part of the assessment process, they just don't carry the same weight of a one-way inbound link. So in addition to increasing your Page Rank and appealing to the search engines, an inbound link to your web site will also assist by increasing traffic directly. For a standard listing which comes out to just under $3.00 a month, that's a lot of bang for your buck!