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Room staged by Lori Matzke, as seen in the Minneapolis Star Tribune
Spacious loft becomes a peaceful owner's retreat

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Home Staging of a home in Minneapolis, MN

The spacious second-floor expansion space in this 1 1/2-story Minneapolis house was being used as a child's room. Even with three main-floor bedrooms, all of them much smaller, turning this space into a large owner's retreat was a better option for selling.

"This was the largest and most private room in the house," said Lori Matzke of Centerstagehome.com. "We wanted buyers to be able to easily envision a more grown-up use for the space."

Here's how Matzke turned this space into a functional master suite:

The twin bed was moved to a lower-level guest room, where a full-size bed took up too much space, and Matzke boxed up the game tables, toys and excess clutter.

To downplay the odd angles of the room, Matzke painted the walls and ceiling the same creamy shade of muslin, a color with a slightly yellow undertone that neutralizes the bluish-gray carpeting. A flat finish helps soften a room's hard edges.

Unfolding the couch-style futon frame creates a base for a full-size bed. Matzke used a mattress from the guest room and topped it with a futon cushion that gives it height. It's dressed with a creamy white quilt. Muted accent colors of blue, green and red add texture and interest to the space without overpowering it.

The window seat cushion was recovered with a taupe bedsheet that matches the pillowcases on the bed. Silky taupe and sage green throw pillows help unify the colors on the bed and window seat.

The owner's bright pink canvas curtains were replaced with sheer, floor-length panels that Matzke bought for $12 a pair. They allow more light into the room and create a more peaceful atmosphere.

To make the space feel fully furnished, Matzke borrowed furniture from other rooms. The upholstered club chair and ottoman in the far corner came from the main-level office. The dresser is from the main-level master bedroom. And the chaise longue in the foreground is part of a sectional from the finished basement.

Borrowing furniture from other rooms serves multiple functions: It makes the loft feel fully furnished, frees up space on the lower level and eliminates the need for additional storage.

Accessorize! An off-white ceramic table lamp provides extra light. A floor lamp (not shown) behind the chaise longue balances the lighting and gives that area a more usable feel. The room gets bright color from a large floor plant next to the chaise and a gold orchid on the dresser.

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