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Room staged by Lori Matzke, as seen in Realtor® Magazine
Giving new life to an outdated living room

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Home Staging of a home in Minneapolis, MN

Here, the fireplace is the obvious focal point, but it's hidden by artwork, books, and knick-knacks on the mantle and surrounding bookcase. Mismatched furnishings make the room feel complicated.

The Solution: Remove the clutter to make the bookshelves look spacious and the room appear larger. Edit furnishings and arrange them to emphasize a cozy conversation pit and to draw eyes to the paneled ceilings, which previously went unnoticed. Replace a too-small black-and-gray throw rug with a more proportional rug, picked up from another room. A colorful framed art-work, found unused in an upstairs closet, and a single ginger flower stem add a touch of drama and help carry the room's warm red color scheme, which also plays up the beautiful oak floors.

Sculptures: Marshall Field's

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