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Room staged by Lori Matzke, as seen in the Minneapolis Star Tribune
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Home Staging of a home in Mounds View, MN

The front entry of this four-bedroom house in Mounds View stepped directly into the living room. The room was being used for kitchen overflow, as a make-shift dining room and as a play area, so its owners planned to lead prospective buyers into the house through a side entry and mudroom that was overwhelmed by color and clutter.

That's a selling no-no. "You always want to lead buyers in through the front entry to ensure they get the best feel for the overall layout of the house," said Lori Matzke of Centerstagehome.com. "Never leave them wondering why they aren't allowed in through the front door."

Here's what she did to create an inviting entry and a livable space.

The storage cabinet was moved to the garage; the table and chairs were moved to the dining room, which was currently empty, to create a dining space.

A piano, which was partially blocking the front door (not shown), was moved to the family room.

The area rug was rolled up to show off the hardwood floors.

The refrigerator was cleared of clutter to keep things looking neat and tidy.

A loveseat that had been in the family room was moved into the living room, giving the living room a sense of purpose.

A recliner and small side table with attached lamp in the corner were repositioned to create a conversation area.

The bookcase was moved to the opposite wall (not shown) to create balance with the sofa.

Soft olive green throw pillows and colorful artwork and accessories add color and draw the buyer's attention into the space.

A decorative mirror reflects light into the room and makes the space feel bigger.

Silk greenery on a small plant stand and a bright yellow bouquet of mums add cheer.

While a mudroom should be promoted as a bonus space in any home, it is still a secondary consideration compared with the front entry and main living areas.

The owners packed up their coats, shoes and extras and painted the walls a bright neutral color that reflects more natural light and calms the space.

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