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Newspaper Columnist Lori Matzke calls herself "A Domestic Fitness Guru." She's a Home Staging Expert™ who wants the public to know how to make their homes sell faster -- and for more money. And she wants to make it all very easy.

"I hear these horror stories about staging experts who go into homes, have the owners move out to a motel, bring in a huge crew, and then work round the clock for two or three days, hauling in outside store furniture -- all at the homeowner's expense -- and I just cringe," says the outspoken Minnesota native, who recently staged a house for the front cover of the national publication Realtor Magazine. "People with homes on the market are already busy and harried. That's why I teach them how to stage their places in a matter of hours -- usually two to four hours -- using what furniture is already on hand."

In addition to her national workshops, Matzke has come out with a new book, called Home Staging: Creating Buyer-Friendly Rooms to Sell Your House, which takes the mystery out of home staging.

With colorful "before" and "after" photos - and chapters on various types of houses, such as Traditional Tudor, Urban Condo and Custom Design -- her reader-friendly book shows even amateurs how to put the "best face" possible on a home they want to sell. And for the least amount of money -- and time. Matzke says: "I totally subscribe to the idea that 'less is more' when it comes to preparing your home for potential buyers to see. It's all about first impressions. I tell homeowners, pretend you're getting ready for a hot date -- a hot date to sell your house!"

In her book, Matzke outlines five secrets to staging your home for sale:


Lori's Quick Fixes for Some Common Problems

A Worn and Dated Looking Chair

A Side Table and Lamp with a Dated Shade

A Tall, Cluttered Bookshelf

A Large Area Rug

Pitiful-Looking Plants

Kids Toys and Pet Stuff

Matzke offers workshops through her website: www.homestagingexpert.com.