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Room Staged by Lori Matzke - Done at Home Staging Workshop
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Hi Lori!
I am just touching base with you because I just sent you my final!! I wanted to take a minute to Thank You and tell you how much I enjoyed this course. Your book is fabulous and the manual was a wealth of information! I am re-energized and ready to really pump up this part of my business.
Linda Cooke
Keller Williams

Dear Lori,
Your course was invaluable to me. I know that most of the women had done this kind of work or something similar to it, but I had not. I've followed your plan and have been doing very well. I never would have known how to start or keep a business going, if not for your course.
Evelyn Truhn

I'm a 'Happy Stager' with my first independent job completed. I have worked with a design firm in the past, staging model homes. This was very different. I had to work with pre-existing furniture, a very small budget, and all by myself. Taking your course made me feel much more confident.
Thank you.
Laura LeBaron

I would like to thank you for presenting this as an exciting and manageable career. By attending your seminar, I was able to see that I could do this, and that I wanted Staging as a career. Thank You!
Kim Polinsky

Dear Lori,
I have been researching and preparing to start my staging business in the Palm Beach area for over a year. After reading your materials and the Home Staging book with the fantastic before and after pictures, I am glad I chose to obtain my HSE cerification from your company. I hope to meet you in person some day soon.
Gloria Valery
Boynton Beach, FL

Lori -
I LOVED the binder, it had so much information! Can't wait to finish the book, either!! :)
Jennifer Musto
Prior Lake, MN

Thanks for offering such a detailed and thorough home study course!
Karen Lindquist

Thank you so much for your course on staging. I have really learned so much, and I really appreciate your personal communication and the encouragement that you have given me over the past couple of months.
Thank You!
Teresa M. White-Beedle
Anoka, MN

Dear Lori,
I have to say that I was in the middle of staging a client's home when I took your class. And the information I learned from you proved invaluable to me.
Thank you!
Jeanne Dietrich
St. Paul, MN

Thank you for this great opportunity. Your book and binder were full of helpful suggestions, hints and information.
Paula Vettrus

Just a quick note to let you know how much your home study course has paid off. I staged and re-designed a home in late March that sold in two weeks for just under the full asking price. That is unheard of in this market. That house rocked when we were done with it!! Take good care and thanks again.
Jeannette Gosnell

Hi Lori,
I was thrilled to receive your note and the HSE certification yesterday. Thank you so much for the kind words! I have been doing room redos and redecorating projects for several years and I found your book and manual very instructive and helpful in transitioning to home staging. So again, thank you!
Paula Schultz

Just a note to tell you that I appreciate the information that you have out there on Home Staging. I have spent the better part of this week researching the field and I find your written words to be the most straight forward and inspiring.
Beth Hogan

Dear Lori -
I really enjoyed reading through your At-Home Study Course material and learned so much about my upcoming profession!
Valerie Quick