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Become Accredited and Earn Your Certification Through Our Home Study Certification Course

Thank you for looking into more information on our Home Study Certification Course!

Considered leaders in the Home Staging Industry, we have put together a course designed to give you a head-start without the hassle of taking a day off or hopping on a plane to earn your Accredited Home Staging Expert certification!

Our course covers both the "How-To" aspects of staging a home, as well as "Business and Marketing," specifically geared toward this unique industry.

Whether you are starting a staging business from scratch, adding staging to an existing business, or a real estate professional planning to offer this service to your clients, our course is exactly the information you need to get you up and running NOW!

What you receive...

1. 200-page+ Training Manual!
2. Your Final Exam!
3. No Additional Certification Fee!
4. HSE Logo!
5. Lifetime Website Listing!
6. Insider Newsletters!

COST OF THE COURSE is $395.00 U.S. Dollars and is all inclusive!

•No final exam fee!
•No certification fee!
•No annual renewal fee!


Our manual comes to you in a three-ring binder format with colored dividers for easy reference, contract examples, and forms for your use.

SECTION ONE - Staging an Occupied Home

"First Impressions" covers the importance of the initial reaction to a home from the buyer's point of view. Tips on creating the perfect first impression based on your own reaction and insightful ideas for creating a positive first impression by making a few quick changes.

"How to Achieve Room to Room Balance" is the key to staging an entire home and discusses improving the flow of a house from room-to-room. In this chapter, we identify potential hazards such as a poor structural layout, poor color scheme, and clutter, along with ideas to combat these issues.

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"Focal Points" will help you understand the initial difference between staging a home for market and interior design. What you may play up to live in a home is not necessarily the same thing you would play up to sell that home. We identify potential Focal Pointsin this section, and help you understand the impact they may or may not have on potential buyers.

"Props!" is all about investing in key items to help your job go smoother. We discuss the value of having these items on hands and tell you when to invest and when not to invest, as well as providing a list of pieces I have invested in over time that have been put to use over and over, again!

Home Staging Home Study Course
Home Staging Home Study Course

"Calming an unruly paint scheme had a positive effect on this space by creating a warm glow and placing attention back on the hardwood floors... a positive selling point!"

SECTION TWO - Staging a Vacant Home

We go to great lengths and detail to explain the very popular and seldom offered service of furnishing vacant homes, which has been a HOT money-maker for me! How did I do it without investing in any of my own furnishings or renting furniture or storage? It's all right here. A great service to provide if you take the time to do it right! Get the STAGING EDGE by filling this niche market!!

SECTION THREE - Offering the Right Service

"Offering the Right Service" includes step-by-step instructions explaining the difference between a consultation vs. the bid you will be required to give to provide an estimate for your hands-on-staging services.

You will learn exactly what to say, from that first phone call, as well as what NOT to say to ensure you get the job every time! An example of a written consultation is included for your reference. You may use this example to set up your own format or tweak it to fit your needs.

Consultations are one of my most popular services! Currently, I earn $250.00 for a one-hour verbal consultation! An additional $250.00 to provide it in writing, and I ALWAYS get PAID ON THE SPOT!! No need to bill and wait for your check! This course will show you how to do the same!!

SECTION FOUR - The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY

"Dealing with Difficult Clients" explains the realities of home staging that other courses DO NOT want to share with you. You will learn exactly what to do when it comes to handling sticky situations or simply how to avoid them, altogether!

"Do Your Dare Repair?" is a brief overview of a few quick fixes you can implement yourself without the assistance of a professional.

"WARNING" discusses the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE every newbie Home Stager makes, what it is, and exactly why you shouldn't do it!!

SECTION FIVE - Business and Marketing

It is one thing to have an eye for staging a home, it is altogether something different to know how to sell your services and infiltrate your market. You can't have one without the other and expect to find success! Our 10-STEP PROGRAM will give you the proven formula you need to setup your Home Staging business, quickly, efficiently, and successfully!! How do I know it's 'proven?' I did it myself!!

From how-to take professional before and after photos, designing your website, soliciting business, diversifying, your business plan, press releases, and more! It's all there.... and includes examples for you to build on!

If you simply FOLLOW THESE STEPS, you can not help buy succeed, even if by default, alone. (Though we know that won't be the case!)


At the end of the Home Staging - Home Study Course, you will be given three final exam options, required to earn your Home Staging Expert certificate.

Once completed, you will be allowed to use the HSE (Home Staging Expert) Designation, along with the logo, for your marketing materials, giving you instant credibility in this exciting industry!


Once you have completed your final exam, you will receive your certificate in the mail and will be listed on our web site at www.homestagingexpert.com. You will also receive instructions to sign into our Home Staging Expert Forum for on-going support. And each month, will receive our monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends, news, and stories.


Cost of the Home Study Certification Course is $395.00 USD and includes shipping and handling. You may pay by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal. There is a $15.95 shipping fee to Canada, Puerto Rico or Mexico. All other countries will be charged an additional $31.95 fee for shipping.

You may order on-line via PayPal or credit card on this page, or call (952) 412-0566 to place your order by phone. To order by mail, please make your check out to Center Stage Home.

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