Quick Tips to Keep Your House Show-Ready

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Everyone loves to browse through the home catalogs which display a beautiful room with perfectly arranged details. Real life doesn’t work that way. Our homes have a pile of shoes by the front door, school books on the kitchen table and dog hair on the sofa. If you have your home listed for sale, buyers can show up at any time and it can seem overwhelming to try and maintain the perfect home that is show-ready. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to make the morning clean-up quick and easy so your buyers only see your lovely home when they walk through the door. 

•Plan in Advance – Before you even list your home, consider how you will adjust your lifestyle to accommodate buyers and their visits. Decide which items are essential to your living needs and remove everything else. Winter coats or summer sandals can be stored out of sight. 

•Container Living – A simple way to remove the daily toys, shoes, books and other items is to use portable storage containers. Baskets, plastic bins and shopping bags are great ways to quickly gather up the remains of the day. 

•Establish a Routine – Remember that your lifestyle does need to adjust when your home is on the market. Create a nightly/morning routine which includes making the beds, neatening living spaces and wiping countertops. 

•Hire a Professional – If there was ever a time to splurge on a housekeeping service, this is it. A once-a-week clean by a housekeeping team will make sure grime and dust does not accumulate and free up some of your time for other things. 

Unfortunately your life doesn’t stop simply because you’ve listed your home for sale. The key to a stress-free showing experience is taking the time to plan in advance. By following a few tips, you won’t be racing through the home trying to accommodate that 15 minute deadline.

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