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Home Staging Expert® Certification Course - Just $129.00 (Normally $395.00)
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Home Staging of a Family Room in Excelsior, MN

What you receive...


With so many home staging courses on the market, we are proud to say we are one of the only...if not the only...home staging course and certification offered by an active home stager!

The information you'll be receiving isn't just hearsay or something that looks good on paper but doesn't actually work in real life. The same information provided in this course is exactly the same information we use ourselves for a successful home staging business since 1999.

Whether you are starting a home staging business from scratch, adding staging to an existing design business, or a Realtor® interested in staging for your clients, we give you all the information you need to find success!

Home Staging of a home in Minnetonka, MN

Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself, or simply want to advise your client and provide them with a game plan, getting a house staged and ready to sell does not have to be a drawn out, nightmare of a process! We teach you exactly what to say and how to say it to get your clients motivated, what to look for to give them the best direction, and provide you with a perfect set of guidelines to follow that work every time on any home in any condition!

The cost of our course is a fraction of what other courses cost, and it is absolutely, positively the quickest way to turn a house into a very desirable listing, guaranteed to grab attention and garner offers! If you are looking for a course to launch your home staging career, or as a Realtor® simply want to boost your own listings, our online manual will get you started immediately and keep you on the right track for years to come.

Home Staging of a home in Eden Prairie, MN
"Take our course today, start staging tomorrow!"

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"I'm a Realtor®, not a stager. And while I may never go all out and physically stage my own listings, your course was very comprehensive and user friendly. I now feel like an expert when advising my sellers on what to do." "I purchased your course on a Friday, went through it over the weekend, and by Monday I was able to put all the information to good use on a listing that's been sitting on the market far too long. Within a week, we received two solid offers and the house is currently under contract. My clients are thrilled!" "I sold the first house I ever staged in five days thanks to the skills I learned from this course! WHOO-HOO! I ROCK!" "Gave my client a short 'to-do' list and presented it in the manner suggested. Came back the next day and they had already completed everything on the list! I don't think that's ever happened before." "This is the third home staging course I've taken over the years and I do wish I had taken it first. I would have never needed the other two." "Thanks to your training course, my wife has been able to work with me side-by-side as a Home Staging Expert® which has already proven to be a huge asset! We plan to offer staging to all of our clients as a 'value-added service' per your suggestion." "Honestly, I usually hate online courses, but this one was different. Not only was it informative, but it was practical and easy to read. Your sense of humor comes through and you lay out the materials in such a way that I never got bored." "Your writing style is both approachable and very down to earth. Using your guidelines, I found the process much less intimidating." "Thanks to this course, now 'I LOVE STAGING HOMES', too!"

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